Trust Deed Service

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Are you looking for a professional trust deed service company? If yes, Ace Shelf Companies are the best you can get. We offer all kinds of trust deed services starting from Unit Trust Deed, Discretionary or Family Trust Deed, and Hybrid Trust Deed.

A trust deed explains the terms between the trustee and the beneficiaries. Our trust deed services are most suitable for professional, legal, and accounting advisers who depend on highly efficient legal documentation.

Trust Deed Services that We Provide

Trust Deed Service

Ace Shelf Companies, being a trust deed service company, provide our clients with all the services related to trust deeds. We provide you with the discretionary trust deed. In a discretionary trust deed, the beneficiaries will not have any fixed interest or entitlement in the trust funds. It is upon the discretion of the trustee to determine which of the beneficiaries will receive the income and capital of the trust. Moreover, the trustee will also determine how much the beneficiaries will receive from the trust. 

Our legal experts also provide our clients with the unit trust deed. A unit trust deed is a type of trust deed structure that is generally used where any business is a venture between various unrelated interests. In this type of trust deed, the beneficiaries will have a fixed interest in the property that is related to the trust. 

In addition to this, we also provide our customers with hybrid trust deeds. A hybrid trust is a combination or a mix between a unit trust and a discretionary trust. The best elements of both the trusts are combined to form a single entity that will contain both the discretionary beneficiaries and the single holder.

Why we are the best Trust Deed Service Company?

At Ace Shelf Companies, we have been providing efficient legal document services and business registration services to our clients for a long time. We are committed to providing our clients with top-notch service quality by focussing on effective documentation, attention to detail.