Company Deregistration Service

Trusted Company Deregistration Service

Deregistering a company is a smart move if the company is no longer trading, dormant, or no longer required. If you are looking for a reliable company deregistration service, you can count on Ace Shelf Companies to get the job done smoothly and seamlessly. Regardless of the fact that your company has stopped trading, it still remains registered with ASIC. This means your company exists until it is deregistered. You have to meet all the legal obligations of the company, including paying annual review fees and lodgement fees until it is deregistered.

Applying for voluntary deregistration is the easiest and simplest way of having a company deregistered. Deregistering a company means that the company will no longer be a legal entity and you do not have to continue your obligations as an officeholder. At Ace Shelf Companies, our company deregistration service includes all documentation required to complete the voluntary deregistration of your company with ASIC. We will prepare all documentation including directors resolutions, members resolutions, and electronically lodge the Form 6010 with ASIC.  You can have peace of mind knowing that we do everything possible to ensure all documents are current and compliant.

With a team of ASIC registered agents, we are here to help you every step of the way. We have the knowledge and expertise to lodge your voluntary deregistration application with ASIC on your behalf. However, there are certain requirements before ASIC will approve the deregistration of your company. These include:

Prior to the deregistration application being lodged, you have to make sure:

We are here to make sure that your company complies with all of the requirements for deregistration.

We take pride in offering a great and informed customer service, and our experienced agents are always available to answer all your queries or discuss any issue you may have. Our highly skilled and ASIC registered agents will prepare all documentation and electronically lodge the Form 6010 with ASIC. Your application will then be processed with ASIC. ASIC will approve the application for deregistration if your company complies with all of the requirements for deregistration. Once the application is approved, ASIC will publish a notice about the proposed deregistration on their website. Two months after the notice is published, your company will be deregistered and you will receive a confirmation notice from ASIC.

We pay special attention to every minute detail, and provide high quality documentation